Our personnel department offers a wide spectrum of services.

We register your employees with the Social Security (“Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale”) and labour administration (“Administration de l’Emploi”), arrange for the necessary enterprise registration and make sure the rules of employee dispatching are adhered to.

Remuneration of employees, freelancers and trainees
We calculate your employees’ monthly salaries and holidays and make sure you are reimbursed for any continuations of payments during employees’ sick leave by Social Security.
We provide you with the necessary documents (pay slips, payroll accounting, and tax returns) and make sure that absolute discretion is protected.

We offer advice in all legal and social security matters:
    • We provide personnel management from the beginning to the end of an employment contract.
    • We draft job descriptions according to your needs and can also advise you on human resources development.
    • We find out if you are eligible for any available reemployment and social security subsidies as well as tax exemptions.
    • We also offer mediation when employees come into conflict with each other.
    • We represent your interests as an employer in administrational unfair dismissal claims.
    • We can organise the necessary work permits for any non - EU employees.
    • We enter all correspondence with the administration to protect your interest.
    • We can advise on optimizing your salary payments from a tax point of view.
We look after your interests as an employer, continually and confidentially taking into consideration any new developments in the legal or administrative framework of employment.

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