VAT declaration
Once the company is registered with the revenue office we prepare the mandatory VAT declarations (monthly, quarterly or annually). Our work also includes the mandatory notes to your declarations.

    • Draft the quarterly compulsory notifications about the company’s intra-Community supply of goods;
    • Provide you with the necessary statistical “Intrastat”-declarations for Luxembourg’s official statistics (“Statec”);
    • Deregister the company in case the company stops doing business in Luxembourg altogether.

Municipal business tax / Corporate income tax
Municipal business tax is allocated on the basis of a company’s profit and varies between the different municipalities in Luxembourg. It is collected by the revenue office (Administration des Contributions directes) and will be then transferred towards the municipalities.

Corporate income tax is also allocated on the basis of corporate profit and has to be paid by Luxembourg companies (Form 500) as well as foreign subsidiaries (Form 530).

Property tax
Property tax is based on the net assets of a company and is usually fixed for three years in advance. However, under certain conditions it is possible to negotiate a lower rate of corporate tax. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Tax d’abonnement
This is a special tax applicable only to some kind of holdings. We can advise you whether such corporate structures would suit your business plans or not.

Withholding tax
As soon as the company distributes dividends it is necessary to prepare a withholding tax declaration as well as to pay the tax. We calculate the right amount of tax that has to be paid.

Tax appeals

Informal opposition
In case something’s gone wrong with the Luxembourg revenue the first thing is to view the prospects of any kind of opposition proceedings. Very often the best thing to do is to try to reduce the fine if not have it annulled altogether. This is achieved by negotiation rather than arguing the legal basis of the revenue’s decision.

Formal proceedings
The next step would be to enter into formal proceedings. After analysing the revenue’s decision we will give chapter for a statement why the revenue’s decision should be abolished. However, it is important to note that there are deadlines to me met when appealing the revenue’s desicions.

In case it is necessary to take things to court we will recommend renowned legal offices specialised on tax with whom we have been cooperating successfully for years.

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