We are at your side, when you start up a company in Luxemburg and take care of all legal and administrative requirements.

Regardless if you choose to operate as public company (“société anonyme – S.A.), as company with limited liability (“Société à responsabilité limitée – S.à.r.l.”) - the two most common business structures in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg - or any other kind of legal entity – we set up exactly the articles of incorporation that you need.

We will ask you a number of questions:
    • What kind of enterprise? And correspondingly what kind of legal form?
    • In the case of public company – “Soparfi” or “SPF”?
    • How much capital? Paying the full deposit?
    • Who is going to be Shareholder / Partner/ Member of the Board / Director?
    • Purpose of the company?
    • Anything else that might be important?
We assist you in opening bank accounts in Luxemburg, prepare the necessary drafts for setting up a company in Luxemburg through a notary and take care of everything that needs to be done – including preparing the shares as well as registering the different shareholders.

Talk to us, we can make things easier.
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