In order to provide your company with utmost anonymity we organise for trustees to function as directors or board members. While the actual management stays in your hands, you remain more or less invisible to others.

We can assist your management by preparing shareholder or board member meetings, setting up the necessary minutes as well as advising in contractual matter with third parties, e.g. before signing leases, loans or selling shares etc. If needed we can also recommend a number of highly successful legal offices with whom we have been cooperating for years.

We also make sure the company will be registered with the Luxembourg commercial register (“Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés”) and also continually control the necessary documentation of the company to make sure it fulfils its legal obligations.

Apart from that we can also offer practical management assistance by:
    • Dealing with the legal and administrative correspondence on a day to day basis;
    • Advising how to collect debts;
    • Managing bank accounts and supervising incoming payments;
    • If you provide us with the necessary powers we can prepare monetary transfers for the company and will enact these according to your directions.

Please call to find out more.

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