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Mergers, Fusions and Takeovers of Companies

Do you want to expand and/or diversify the scope of your economic activities, increase your profits or simply achieve synergy effects?

Do you want to relocate the centre of your activities or benefit from a – perhaps only temporary – increase in the value of individual assets?

With our experience in the field of mergers, whether through the acquisition (absorption) of one or more companies by another or else by the incorporation of a new company, as well as the demerger of an existing company, we can effectively support you in the implementation of your projects, whether of a smaller nature or of international dimensions.

We are also familiar with the procedures involved in the acquisition of existing structures, commercial or otherwise.

  • Application of the usual business valuation methods.
  • Verification of the financial, legal, fiscal and administrative situation « due diligence »
  • Advice on the takeover of companies in difficult situations « Turnaroung Management » 
  • Management Buyout
  • Leveraged Buyout
  • or simple external growth
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