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Private tax returns

This task can be very complex and time-consuming. Our many years of experience in this area enable us to prepare your income tax return for you, regardless of the source:

  • Income from employment
  • Income from business operations
  • Profits from agriculture and forestry
  • Income from the exercise of a liberal profession
  • Pensions and pensions
  • Income from movable capital assets
  • Income from real estate (rental income, capital gains)
  • Other miscellaneous income (example: income from speculative transactions)

In cases where you are not subject to a declaration obligation, we will check for you whether it makes sense to submit a declaration.

We take care of both resident and non-resident declarations.

To reduce your taxable income,

1. we assess and take into account your special expenses in the various items, analyse and advise you to calculate the deductions applicable in the following areas:

  • Insurance (deduction possible depending on type of insurance)
  • Debit interest for certain loans
  • Insurance premiums
  • Supplementary pensions from employers
  • Building society contributions
  • Contributions (donations, …)
  • Social security

2. we analyse your extraordinary burdens and prepare the documents you need to enclose with your tax return. We check with you which allowances are possible, taking into account your personal, family and non-professional situation.

3. we examine tax optimisation options for your income from real estate before the conversion and during the period of use by yourself or your tenant:

  • Verification of the actual income
  • Analysis of the expenses to be taken into account, in particular:
  • possible depreciation,
  • whether the costs are maintenance or renovation costs, and​
  • of all other costs borne.

4. we advise you on the treatment of capital income, taking into account the currently applicable legislation.

5. we analyse and advise you on your various incomes:

  • Real estate sales
  • Securities sales
  • Treatment of your significant participations​
  • ..

We are able to perform simulations tailored to your personal situation.

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